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Age Management FAQ


Age Management Medicine

It is no secret that the natural aging process can have a significant impact on the body. While no
one or their health is immune from facing the effects of aging, there are approaches like age
management medicine to help manage and reduce the impact aging may have on your body.
Discover what these services entail during a consultation with us at Subach Spinal Solutions in
Arlington, VA!

What Is Age Management Medicine?

Age management medicine is a type of medical care that helps manage and reduce the often
frustrating healthcare changes associated with the aging process. This approach is completely
tailored to your needs, experiences, and concerns. At Subach Spinal Solutions, our practitioners
are committed to providing you with the best care possible. They are led by Dr. Brian R. Subach,
and he has a certification in functional medicine and age management medicine from the AMMG
(Age Management Medicine Group).

Integrated IV Therapy

This treatment option involves an infusion of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into
your bloodstream. IV treatments are becoming more popular as people realize the quick-acting
benefits of direct infusions. Your specific supplement cocktail will be determined based on your
needs and pre-treatment testing results. Integrated IV therapy can be used to effectively address a
range of conditions, and it may supplement a generally healthy lifestyle.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone levels change as you age, which can impact your energy and weight levels, sex drive,
and your body's ability to grow and retain muscle mass. Hormone replacement therapy works to
restore those levels to a more natural and younger state, helping to alleviate the symptoms of
imbalance. Hormone therapy can also be beneficial for assisting with weight loss.

With hormone therapy, the entire process is tailored to you and your unique needs. Hormone
testing helps identify areas of concern. Our professionals use Pellecome technology for the most precise administration of hormone pellets.

Why Choose This Approach?

What you think of as a natural part of the aging process - things like decreased energy, weight
gain, muscle loss, and decreased sex drive - can be managed with the right care. Consider the
following potential benefits of age management medicine:

● Increased energy
● Rejuvenated sex drive

● Improved quality of life

 It is important to keep in mind results will vary for each person and their treatment plan. To
determine how you may best benefit, we recommend a consultation with us in Arlington.

Are You Ready to Manage the Aging Process?

Why wait for health problems associated with aging to arrive? Take action today to regain
control of your health and the aging process. Contact the knowledgeable and professional staff of
Subach Spinal Solutions in Arlington, VA to schedule a consultation. Dr. Brian R. Subach and
his professional staff can help you understand exactly how age management medicine can help
improve your quality of life and slow down the effects of aging.

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