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Many patients have a combination of symptoms that seem to originate in the neck. Pain in the shoulder blades, pain in the neck itself, pain with rotation, and decreased range of motion are all symptoms of cervical disc degeneration. There may be arm symptoms associated as well. Although I can’t tell you which surgery is best for you I can offer some guidance that can help make your decision once the surgery for degenerative disc disease (DDD) before going straight to the operating table please consider conservative treatment he’s achievements which have very little to lose and may result in significant benefit you. Epidural steroid injections anti-inflammatory agents physical therapy in general non-surgical approach. Some people who have epidural steroid injections experience experience significant benefit for a prolonged period of time. If you do decide to try the epidural steroid injection you may decide that it works so well that injection may not be necessary at this time. In addition to epidural steroid injections many patients who have degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine find significant non-surgical pain relief with physical therapy, medications, exercise, chiropractic manipulation and even accupuncture.

So how does one decide? The two surgery options available in general consist of artificial disc replacement which restores disk space height in many times relieves pressure on the nerve endings thereby reducing your pain. With fusion surgery your doctor performs a discectomy so he or she can fuse your vertebrae.

Fusion is the process of removing the disc material from the adjacent bones placing some type of spacer, either donor bone or often a plastic or metal device, designed to restore height and alignment. A titanium plate is placed along the front of the spine to hold the bones firmly while the fusion process occurs.Anti-inflammatory agents are restricted for the first three months during the crucial healing process.

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