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Integrative IV Nutritional Therapy


It can be easy to forget the needs of our bodies with so much going on in our schedule. Vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and more are just a few components that aid in optimal functionality within our bodies and help us lead happy, health lives. Subach Spinal Solutions offers integrative IV nutritional therapy to strengthen your health and help you feel energetic and ready for your day.

What is Integrative IV Nutritional Therapy?

Integrative IV nutritional therapy is a safe and effective means of enhancing your body’s levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to optimize functionality. Dr. Subach and his term perform this treatment to help:

  • Enhance immune function
  • Raise energy levels
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Decrease the risk of infections, complications, scar formation, and hospitalization from a condition
  • And more

Delivery of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream grants significantly higher efficacy as opposed to oral ingestion.

What can we treat through integrative IV nutritional therapy?

At Subach Spinal Solutions, we offer highly concentrated IV formulas comprised of all natural ingredients to help you achieve happier, healthier living.  Dr. Subach and his team of wellness experts use IV therapy to treat conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Bacterial or viral infections
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lung disease
  • Muscle or joint aches
  • Consistent headaches or migraines
  • And more

Our specialized IV mixtures at Subach Spinal Solutions include several unique blends of important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, specifically formulated to boost immune function and enhance restorative health.

Our integrative IV nutritional therapy blends contain mixes of vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients including calcium, zinc, magnesium, biotin, vitamin B12, and more.

Who is a good candidate for IV therapy?

If you are looking to enhance your immune system, strengthen your overall health, and address symptoms that may be associated with vitamin, mineral, or nutrient deficiency, our IV therapy may help improve your quality of living. Dr. Subach and his team can help you determine if this treatment may be right for you during your consultation.

Led by Dr. Subach, Subach Spinal Solutions offers top-tier wellness treatments for optimal spine and overall health including integrative IV nutritional therapy. Dr. Subach and his elite team strive to ensure each of our patient’s is well educated of their medical concerns as well as the treatment options available to them. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the next step towards a happier, healthier quality of life. We look forward to hearing from you!

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