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Intradiscal Autograft Stem Cells


Has your quality of life been significantly impacted by chronic back pain? Discogenic back pain can be caused by a variety of things – lumbar sprain, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, and other degenerative conditions. These conditions can be brought on by age, injury, or a host of other factors. If you or a loved one are experiencing lower back pain, Subach Spinal Solutions offers advanced treatments that can help restore a more comfortable quality of life. Intradiscal autograft stem cell treatment could well be what you’ve been searching for to get you back to living your best life.

What is intradiscal autograft stem cells?

During  this process, we use the patient’s own stem cells harvested from a small blood sample. While we have referred to this process as an “autograft”, you may also hear it referred to as an “autologous” stem cell transplant. This type of treatment aims to do more than relieve pain temporarily. Stem cell treatment is focused around the concept of cell replacement. Our bodies are composed of various different types of cells that work together to keep us healthy. When cells start to deteriorate, we begin to feel pain. Utilizing healthy stem cells, we are able to replace the damaged or deteriorating cells in the designated area to repair tissue and ease discomfort.

What Can I Expect Toward Intradiscal Autograft Stem Cells?

Each procedure will be very distinctive from patient to patient. During your consultation, Dr. Subach will review your medical history and perform some examinations to best determine if this procedure may be right for you.

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