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Neck Surgery Specialist

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Neck pain is one of the top five conditions treated with surgery in the United States. Brian Subach, MD, FACS, Diana DeWolfe, PA-C, MPAS, and the team at Subach Spinal Solutions create customized treatment that begins with nonoperative therapies, waiting to recommend surgery until conservative options have failed to relieve your pain. If you suffer with neck problems and would like to learn more about neck surgery, call the office in Arlington, Virginia, or schedule an appointment online.

Neck Surgery Q & A

What treatment will I receive before neck surgery?

If you haven’t already received conventional care for your neck problem, the team at Subach Spinal Solutions develops a nonoperative treatment plan that may include options like immobilization with a neck brace, physical therapy, and steroid injections or other medical treatments.

Surgery is recommended only when your neck pain doesn’t improve with nonsurgical therapies.

What conditions might need neck surgery?

The primary goals of neck surgery are to relieve your neck pain and other symptoms, stabilize the spine, restore nerve function, and preserve neck motion.

Conditions that may ultimately require neck surgery include:

  • Cervical radiculopathy (compressed nerve)
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Neck fracture
  • Cervical deformity

Your doctor at Subach Spinal Solutions helps you make an informed decision by providing extensive education about your surgery options and what you can expect during recovery.

What are the different types of neck surgery?

Dr. Subach has extensive experience in many neck surgery techniques designed to:

Decompress the nerves

During decompression surgery, your doctor at Subach Spinal Solutions relieves the pressure on pinched nerves by creating more space around the affected nerves. This could include enlarging an opening, removing part of the bone or a bone spur, or treating a herniated disc.

Stabilize the spine

Removing tissues to decompress spinal nerves results in spinal instability, a problem that’s repaired by fusing the bones together using a bone graft. In some surgeries, your doctor may stabilize the bone graft with fixation devices, such as rods, plates, and screws.

Preserve spinal movement

When your spine pain is caused by a degenerated or herniated disc, your doctor at Subach Spinal Solutions may remove the disc and fuse the bones, or replace the damaged disc with an artificial disc that relieves your pain and restores normal spine movement.

What should I expect during recovery after neck surgery?

During your recovery, you may need to wear a neck brace or other equipment to support your neck while it heals.

While it’s important to stay active by walking, you’ll need to avoid heavy lifting and intense exertion for several months. Everyone heals at a different pace, so your provider at Subach Spinal Solutions gives you specific post-surgery instructions based on your individual needs.

If you have questions about neck surgery, call Subach Spinal Solutions or schedule an appointment online.